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“Be the change you want to see in the world”. Golden words by Mahatma Gandhi with a profound wisdom that few have the ability to grasp and implement. Aneel Murarka is one of them. He not only has comprehended the real meaning of this proverb but has also adapted to it and changed with times. Son, parent, industrialist, socialite and philanthropist, he has successfully concocted a potion that blends tradition with nouveau practices which gives him contemporary approach to life. An ardent and doting father, Aneel takes a keen interest in his son’s education and is a hands-on parent, spending time on a day-to-day basis. A fitness freak, he loves playing sports such as squash and cricket.
He is extremely dynamic and gregarious. Though he is one of Mumbai’s foremost movers ‘n’ shakers and hobnobs with the stars, he is extremely grounded and humble to a fault. Meet one of Mumbai’s one of the most respected entrepreneurs, Aneel Murarka of Mirachem Industriies, who is a man on a mission. Known to be extremely passionate about students’ welfare and education, he is the man who offers solutions to knotty problems. A man who always goes the extra mile for things he believes in, Aneel is indeed the wind beneath the wings of event’s.

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